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Solomon Friesian Stallion
KFPS/FHANA registered
Dob: 03/06/13
Stam 11
0.59% indreeding

Awarded 2013
1st Premium colt
Grand Champion Colt
Day Grand Champion Friesian
over a kroon mare
Solomon scores are very high
Racial 7.5, Frame 7.5,
Development 8,
Walk 7, Trot 8,
Total= 38 points

Sape 381 (Fabe 348 x Feitse 293 Preferent)
Stam 50
From the very rare Age line.
2001 KFPS World Champion
2002 KFPS Reserve World Champion
2004 KFPS Reserve World Champion
Sport title 2010

Dam Maicke
(Wisse 408 x Oege-Prefrent 267)
Stam 11

Solomon is a breath taking Friesian stallion that
represents the highest standards in this breed. His movement is powerful with strong hind end drive. His
conformation is the perfect mix between sport and
baroque build. He is very sweet and loving and
can make anyone smile.

This is a colt that dreams are made on.

For more information about
Solomon, please contact us.
Aurena Sharp Cell: (250) 793-3383