Maicke is 2004 Friesian mare imported from the Netherlands, out of the highly coveted Sire Wisse 408 now deceased. This makes her extremely rare in Canada and the USA. Her mother's sire is the very popular and now deceased Oege- Preferent, who is well known in our breed as giving lots of charisma, long swan necks, mega Hair. Maicke has a vary low inbreeding coefficient 3.52%; this will give her a better selection of future stallions to be bred to. Already she is 15 hh at two years old so should mature to 16+hh. Maicke is showing great promise for classical dressage, with such a wonderful temperament she always tries hard. She shows very correct movement with a very nice trot. She dose the Spanish walk and if she sees you at feeding time she will do it to gain attention. Maicke was our first Frisian; we looked for the perfect one for six years. Now that she is with us she is our dream come true. When we are out I have many people come and ask what kind of horse she is and if I will sell her. They don’t believe she is so young. She carries her self just like a stallion. Friesian horses for sale, Friesian breeders British Columbia.


friesian with tons of hair.